Navigate player

Use the player's controls to seek within or skip back in the presentation, navigate the slides, view supplementary materials, and interact with the presenter.


Click the Play button to resume playback after pausing the presentation. Presentations automatically start playing when launched. Click the Pause button to suspend playback.


Click the Skip Back button to go back 3 seconds in the presentation.


You will use these features, if available, to display additional information about the presentation and to adjust your playback experience:

  • Click the Info button to view a presentation's details (presenter, description, record date and time, length, etc.)
  • Click the Adjust Playback Rate button to increase or decrease the playback speed of an on-demand presentation. This feature is not available in all presentations.
  • Click the Search Slides and Closed Captioning button to search a presentation's slides and closed captions. Enter the word or phrase you are seeking and click Search. Scroll down the search results list and click on a search result to go to the time it appears in the presentation.
  • Click the Show Captioning button to view closed captions in the player. Click the button again to hide the captions. This button appears only if closed captions are available in the presentation.
  • Click the Video Quality button to see the presentation's streaming rate.


Use the seek bar to navigate through the presentation quickly. When you hold your mouse over a specific time using the seek bar button, the slide image for that time is displayed over the presentation.


Click the Volume button to display the slide you will use to adjust the volume and mute the audio.


Interact with your presenter using these buttons, if they are available:

  • Click the Show Polls button to see the presentation's polls. Click Take Poll on the same row as a poll to answer it. Once you have answered the poll, click Submit to post your answer. Click View Results to see how others answered the poll. Click Back to Polls to answer more polls.
  • Click the Ask a Question button to send questions to your presenter. When the Ask Question form appears, enter your name, email address (optional), the subject your question is addressing, and your question. If you do not want to include the time in the presentation where you had a question, clear the Time check box. To send your question, click Ask Question.
  • Click the Share Presentation button to send authorized users an e-mail invitation with a link to view the presentation. If you want your invitees to begin watching the presentation at specific time, check the Start Time check box in the email form and enter the time. For example, to have them begin viewing five minutes into the presentation, enter 5:00 as the start time. The presentation URL in the invitation updates accordingly. Enter the destination e-mail addresses and update the invitation text as needed. Click Send Invite. If you want to use the e-mail client on your machine to send out an invitation, click Use email client on the email form.
  • Click the Links button to see supplementary material that has been added to the presentation. Click a link to view the associated web page in a separate browser tab.
  • Click the Chapters button to see a listing of a presentation's key parts. Each chapter has a title and includes the time it appears in the presentation. Click a chapter to view the presentation at the specified time.


Navigate the slides using the slide carousel. The current slide is highlighted in the carousel. In its default state, the slide carousel tracks/scrolls as the presentation plays, keeping the thumbnail for the current slide near the center. Select a slide thumbnail in the carousel and drag it to scroll through the available slides. Click on a slide thumbnail to navigate to the time in the presentation when the slide first appears. You cannot navigate slides during a live presentation.

Slide stacking
To simplify thumbnail navigation, Mediasite Players stack slides when there are a large number of images captured over a short period. If a slide appears sooner than 2 seconds after another slide, it will form a stack. The Player will continue adding slides to the stack until the stack reaches a limit of 10 or if the timing goes beyond 2 seconds since the last slide. Each stack can contain no more than 20 seconds worth of content. Presentations with 25 or less slides will not have any stacking. To view each slide in a stack individually, click on the stack of slides.

Preview slide
Place your mouse on a slide thumbnail for a few seconds to preview it. In preview mode, you will see a larger view of the slide as well as its slide title and slide description (if available). The slide preview has a distinct yellow border around it.

As long as the mouse cursor remains over a slide thumbnail, the carousel will not resume automatic tracking with the presentation. When you move the mouse to another slide in the carousel, the preview changes accordingly. To exit preview mode, move the mouse from the slide thumbnail.


Click the Zoom In button to magnify the slide image. Once you magnify the image, use your mouse to pan the image at the selected magnification.


Adjust the positions of the player's video and image windows using the display option controls:

  • Click the Picture in Picture button to display a smaller image or video window in the right corner of the larger video or image window, respectively. Click the Swap Media Elements button to alternate windows.
  • Click the Side by Side button to display a smaller image or video window next to the larger video or image window, respectively.
  • Click the Full Frame button to view an enlarged video or image window.
  • Click the Swap Media Elements button to switch the position of the video and image windows or alternate between the two when using any of the display options.


  • If the video for the presentation does not appear, verify the presentation is not an audio-only presentation and that your computer meets the requirements listed here.
  • When you are viewing a live presentation, you cannot pause, skip back, or seek within the presentation.
  • When a presentation is live, the live presentation indicator is shown.
  • Interactive features (polls, asking questions, and sharing a presentation via email) are not available in stand-alone (publish to go) presentations.