Embeddable players

Players using the Mediasite-Picture-in-Picture and the Mediasite-Mini Player layouts layouts are intended to be used as embedded players.

Here are a few things to consider when using embedded Mediasite Players:

  • Embedded Players always stretch to fit the size of the window.
  • Embedded Players have a pop-out button that when clicked launches the presentation in a separate window using a full Player layout. Typically, embedded Players will occupy a small space on the web page where it is embedded, which affects the video's clarity during playback, so being able to watch the presentation in a larger window is helpful. Using the pop-out (tear-off) mode also provides an alternative to full screen playback, which has limited keyboard commands.
  • A presentation using an embedded Player layout should always be watched on the page where it is embedded or launched in another window using the pop-out button. We do not recommend using a direct link to launch this type of presentation because the Player will stretch to fit the window, which will significantly affect the playback experience.
  • Mediasite security can be used with embedded Players. A login prompt is displayed for a secured presentation if a cookie is not found. The login prompt appears within the embedded frame in the web page overlaying the Player.
  • By default, embedded Players do not start playing presentations automatically. When embedding presentations using these Players, you must explicitly pass the autostart=true command on the query string in the embed code to enable auto start.
  • The share presentation button is not displayed for embedded Players since direct links to presentations using them are not recommended.
  • The embed code accepts Mediasite tickets obtained from EDAS (auth tickets and login tickets) on query string.

Examples of embedded code

You can modify the width and height settings to whatever makes sense for the page where you are embedding the Player. Also, you must adjust the URL to match your server (mymediasiteserver), Mediasite virtual directory (mymediasite), presentation id (presentation_id) and ticket id (ticket_id).

Simple embedding (Embedding code generated using the Share button)

<iframe width="320" height="240" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=" http://mymediasiteserver/mymediasite/Play/presentation_id "></iframe>

Embedding with autostart set to true

<div style="text-align:center;"> <iframe src=" http://mymediasiteserver/mymediasite/Play/presentation_id?autostart=true" frameborder="0" width="400" scrolling="no" height="224"></iframe> </div>

Embedding with login ticket (assumes ticket is obtained through an EDAS call)

<div style="text-align:center;"> <iframe src=" http://mymediasiteserver/mymediasite/Play/presentation_id?IdentityTicket=ticket_id " frameborder="0" width="400" scrolling="no" height="224"></iframe> </div>

Embedding with auth ticket (assumes ticket is obtained through an EDAS call)

<div style="text-align:center;"> <iframe src=" http://mymediasiteserver/mymediasite/Play/presentation_id?authTicket=ticket_id " frameborder="0" width="400" scrolling="no" height="224"></iframe> </div>