Gardner Campbell Keynote Presentation

Presentation Details to be updated W. Gardner Campbell is the Director of Professional Development and Innovative Initiatives at Virginia Tech, where he also serves as an Associate Professor of English. Prior to his appointment at Virginia Tech, Gardner was founding Director of the Academy for Teaching and Learning at Baylor University, as well as Associate Professor of Literature, Media, and Learning in the Honors College. Before coming to Baylor, he was Professor of English at the University of Mary Washington, where from 2003-2006 he also served as Assistant Vice-President for Teaching and Learning Technologies. He has been involved in teaching and learning technologies for nearly two decades, including work at the University of San Diego and the University of Richmond. He is a Fellow of the Frye Leadership Institute (2005), was chair of the Electronic Campus of Virginia from 2006 to 2008, and has served on program committees for both EDUCAUSE and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative and as a member of the ELI Advisory Board from 2007-2011 and the Board of Directors of the New Media Consortium from 2009-2012 (Chair, 2011-2012).