MORNING SESSIONS - Norman Bethune Symposium - April 10, 2018

Dr. (Henry) Norman Bethune (1890‐1939) was a Canadian physician who in the 1930s spearheaded the implementation of the first practical mobile blood collection and distribution system and promoted             universal access to health care. This symposium is held in his honour and will be informative and              entertaining, with participation of a full range of scientists and clinicians at all levels of training. 7:15 -8:00 Registration and Breakfast 8:00 -8:10 Drs. Dana Devine and Ed Conway , UBC, Introductory remarks 8:10 -8:30 Jim Bussel, MD Cornell U. “Thrombopoietic agents & IVIG in management of thrombocytopenia” 8:40 -9:00 Jose Cancelas, MD, PhD, U of Cincinnati “Cold platelet storage lesion and prevention methods” 9:10 -9:30 Yulia Lin, MD, U of Toronto “Training the next generation of transfusion prescribers” 9:40 -10:20 Coffee break and posters 10:20 -10:30 Andrew Shih, MD, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, “The AB plasma appropriateness index as a tool for improved AB plasma transfusion practice” 10:30 -10:40 Anthony Hsieh, CBR, UBC, “Shorter cell subset telomeres in HIV slow progressor women than in HIV non-slow progressor women” 10:50 -11:10 Andrew Beckett, MD, Lieutenant-Colonel, McGill U “Bethune’s Ghost on the Battlefield: Norman Bethune and his influence on current combat casualty care” 11:20 -11:40 Peter Zandstra, PhD, UBC “Engineering blood development” 11:50 -12:20 “Shot-gun” talks 12:20 -1:20 Buffet lunch and posters 1:20 -1:40 Steven Spitalnik, MD, Columbia U Medical Center “Making better RBC donors” 1:50 -2:05 Colleen Fitzpatrick,“A patient’s perspective” 2:10 -2:30 Celina Montemayor Garcia, MD, PhD, NIH, Bethesda, “Next generation sequencing for red blood cell antigens” 2:40 -2:50 Usama Abbasi, CBR, UBC, “Long circulating biodegradable therapeutic system for transfusionaliron overload” 2:50 -3:00 EnoliDe Silva, CBR, UBC, “The role of the actin cytoskeleton inplatelet apoptosis” 3:00 -3:45 Coffee and posters 3:45 -4:05 James Zimring, MD, PhD, Bloodworks Northwest, "Metabolomics of platelet storage“ 4:15 -4:35 Marco Marra, PhD, UBC, “Whole genome analysis to support cancer treatment decision making: BC Cancer Personalized Oncogenomics (POG) Project” 4:45 -6:30 Wrap up and social